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Choosing Practical Wedding Favors

WhiskFor most brides on a budget, buying practical wedding favors for their guests is the ideal choice to save money and offer the best gift possible. When people think of practical wedding favors, they usually think of the cheapest item possible. However, practical can also be interpreted as useful; which is what makes a wedding favor popular in the first place. By choosing an item that your guests will use every single day and is also priced to move, you can give a great gift to your friends and family members without burning up too much of your precious wedding budget.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are a classic wedding favor item that can easily be summed up as practical. Every single kitchen needs a bottle opener, and they are used on a very regular basis. There are many great versions available for use as wedding favors with decorative handles that scream romance, or you can even have them personalized with your names or wedding date engraved into the bottle opener.


While this may not be the first item you think to give your guests, most people will love the thoughtfulness that goes along with this decision. Whisks are one of those items that many people go to grab in their kitchen but end up not having. Then, when they are at the store, they totally forget to buy one because it is such as specialized tool. Giving them out as a practical wedding favor will make them smile every time they do to grab it, and they will smile think of how thoughtful you are each occasion.

Pizza Cutter

By far one of the most used kitchen utensils, especially in America, is the pizza cutter. Pizza is one of America’s favorite meals, so your guests are sure to get a ton of use out of them. Simply have your names or wedding date inscribed in the handles of some nice quality pizza cutter and give them to your guests. A good quality pizza cutter will last for decades, so your guests can look back with fondness every time they eat a slice of their favorite pizza for many years to come.


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