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Winter Wedding Favors

Pine Cone Place Card HoldersWinter is a particularly beautiful time to have a wedding. All the pure white snow freshly fallen on branches and fields make for a stunning and romantic site for everyone in attendance. While many people would prefer to have a nice warm location for their wedding on a beach, others find that the warmth of their guest’s hearts is enough to battle back the chilly weather. Like any other time of year that you may have a wedding, you are going to want to have wedding favors for your guests. I have made a list of some of my favorite winter wedding favors to give you some ideas for your planning purposes.

Hot Beverages

On a cold winter day, nothing warms you up like a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. Though you will probably offer your wedding guests a hot beverage while they are at your wedding, why not send them home with a tasty treat to enjoy later? You can simply place your favorite hot cocoa mix, coffee beans, or tea bags into a decorative package such as a box or small sack for your guests to easily bring home as a special treat. When your guests enjoy their beverage, they will remember your magical day and look back at it in fondness.

Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers are a warming experience for all who use them, but most people only use them in the summer months so they are never exposed to their warming nature. Even if it is freezing outside, giving your guests wedding sparklers is a great way to warm up your reception hall. As the heat and light pours out from their sparkling glory, your guests will feel their faces and hearts warm as they share in the love and memories of your celebration.

Place Card Holders

Place card holders are seen at nearly every wedding, but winter weddings give you an excuse to go the extra mile. Some of the most fun place card holders available are designed for winter weddings such as pine cone place card holders, snowflake place card holders, and even ones that are shaped like little snowmen. Its little touches like a festive place card holder that will make your guests remember your winter wedding and cherish the memories for several generations to come.


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